Heroes in Our Midst

Episode #59: Curt Tribble Part TWO

Heroes in Our Midst Episode #59: Curt Tribble Part TWO

Nov 8, 2021

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Episodes Notes

Welcome to the very first “Part 2” of an episode on “Heroes in our Midst”. Last week I had the pleasure of introducing you to Dr. Curt Tribble. If you missed it, he’s at the University of Virginia School of Medicine as Professor of Surgery and the Associate Program Director of the Thoracic Surgery Residency.

A highlight from Part 1 of Curt’s and my chat was how, before surgery, whether a heart transplant or a lung transplant, he’d ask his patient what he or she wants to do when they get well. Talk about instilling hope and trust in your patient, that you are expecting a good outcome and doing your very best to ensure one.

He’s inspiring, he’s passionate, he truly cares and you might be surprised to see who he would say impacted his life in a big way.

Listen to find out. Listen to be inspired. Listen to Dr. Curt Tribble.


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