Heroes in Our Midst

Episode #54: Paul Dyck

Heroes in Our Midst Episode #54: Paul Dyck

Sep 27, 2021

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Episodes Notes

When I think about the story we’re going to hear today, “love of the game” stands out for me. Paul Dyck grew up in Steinbach, Manitoba and started playing hockey when he was 9 and he begged his parents to sign him up and obviously, it was a good idea! Paul went beyond the borders of his small town to pursue the highest level in his sport that he could and has now, found his way back home and gives back every day to a community that he would tell you has given him so much!

He was drafted back in the 1991 NHL Entry Draft, spent a decade in the International Hockey League and it seems that everywhere he went a championship would follow and that’s both as a player and as a coach. He’s travelled the world to play and ultimately found his way home to give back, coach and lead.

How did he help turn an entire junior hockey program around? How does his story affect how he coaches now? What does he tell his players after all he has experienced? And what happens when you take every single opportunity you’ve been given and pour your whole self into them? You find success and joy in all that you do. Paul Dyck loves hockey and has a passion for passing that on to the young men that he spends every day with… and you will not only hear that, you’ll FEEL that when you listen.


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