Heroes in Our Midst

Episode #50: Matt Johnston

Heroes in Our Midst Episode #50: Matt Johnston

Aug 16, 2021

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Episodes Notes

When you first meet Matt Johnston, today’s guest of course, I think you’ll be taken by his easy going nature, the humility surrounding everything he’s done and has yet to do and his laugh. The way he talks about his golf, you’d think he wasn’t really that good, but he was! And his travels and journey through his sport and all of the challenges and successes that went along with that, have shaped who he is today and the wellness component he is exploring as we speak. There is a comfort level that you will feel invited to. I did.

So, presently, Matt works in the family business, Johnston Group. They provide insurance coverage to small businesses. He is working on a wellness startup within the company and truly works to keep people well. We’re going to learn about Matt’s athletic background and follow his sport story which, of course, leads far beyond sport. He is one of the most humble people I have come to know and he never ever wants to stop learning. In our chat, he mentions one of his favorite lines, “There is no THERE.”  So, I hope you can take a listen and a lesson from Matt Johnston, no question one of the “heroes in our midst”. Enjoy.


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