Heroes in Our Midst

Episode #46: Cristina Fink

Heroes in Our Midst Episode #46: Cristina Fink

Jul 12, 2021

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Episodes Notes

Every week, I feel like I’m sharing the best episode yet. Well, here we go again. Dr. Cristina Fink is an Olympian AND now a performance psychologist that works with Olympic and professional athletes. Her involvement in sport from so many perspectives has given her a wisdom on performance and on the humans behind it that is beyond most of us. So, that’s why we invited her to share her story. She competed in 2 Olympic Games for her home country of Mexico in the sport of high jump and after that found her way into the world of performance psychology. Cristina’s approach as a psychologist is simple really and yet, unique in it’s simplicity. She really, truly listens and creates a safe space for her athletes to be heard. Perhaps the greatest gift she gives to the athletes she works with is the empowerment that comes from BEING heard… even in hearing yourself.

Seems to me, Dr. Cristina Fink embodies exactly what we are trying to get across with this podcast project… for us all to be unapologetically human, to be OK with our own uniqueness and to own it… whatever it is.

Enjoy your time listening to Dr. Cristina Fink but be prepared to be inspired and to hear things in a way you may not have heard them before. She said it herself, “You never know who you’re gonna impact, and you never know what you’re leaving behind”. I believe her impact is SO far reaching and when you listen – it will impact you as well.


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