Heroes in Our Midst

Episode #42: James Bolton

Heroes in Our Midst Episode #42: James Bolton

Jun 14, 2021

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Episodes Notes

Sometimes you know you need to talk about something as soon as possible and mental health seems to be top of mind right now. So, as we have shared the stories of some of our mainstream, frontline healthcare workers in the last 2 weeks, we thought it would be fitting to address mental health too.

A former volleyball teammate and very special personal friend of Michelle’s, Lorriann Ludwig works at the Manitoba Crisis Response Centre under the direction of Dr. James Bolton. Lorriann has become a good friend and follower of “Heroes in our Midst” and suggested that if we wanted to talk about mental health with anyone – it should be Dr. James Bolton, and no wonder. He is the Ruth Hurd Professor in Psychiatry at the University of Manitoba. He is cross appointed as a Professor in the Departments of Psychology and Community Health Sciences at the U of M and is a Scientist at the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy. As if that wasn’t enough, Dr. Bolton has spent the last 7 years as the Medical Director of the Shared Health Manitoba Crisis Response Centre in Winnipeg.

He has poured himself into the research of mental health, specifically, suicide prevention and he continues to, as part of the National Research Advisory Committee on Suicide and its Prevention.

So, enjoy your chance to learn, by listening to him talk about the incredible challenges that Covid has placed on mental health and so much more.

Enjoy, Dr. James Bolton, another hero in our midst.


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