Connections with Mike Thom and Colleen Houde

Taryne Lepp: National Nursing Week- An active example of loving God and loving others

23:51 | May 14, 2021

Episodes Notes

This week is National Nursing Week.

Since June 2020, Taryne Lepp, TWU Public Health Lead, has played a crucial role in helping the University navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and safeguard the health and safety of students, staff, faculty and community members.

The current pandemic is not Taryne’s first experience with a public health emergency. In September 2010, she spent four months helping to save Cholera patients in Haiti, through humanitarian aid work with Samaritan’s Purse.

Today on Connections Taryne shares her experience as a nurse, what she loves most about her career, what it's like to be Christian and to be a nurse and how we as a church can pray for nurses across the country.

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