Connections with Mike Thom and Colleen Houde

Dr. Jessica Moerman: Why science and faith shouldn't be at odds

24:12 | Mar 24, 2021

Episodes Notes

Dr. Jessica Moerman is a scientist and evangelical church co-founder. She says science and faith shouldn’t be at odds. Whether it’s taking vaccines, following COVID protocols, or stewarding God’s creation by reducing carbon emissions, she says we should let science inform and support how we serve others.

Today on Connections Dr. Moerman talks about how faith and science can work together.

Dr. Jessica Moerman is the Senior Director for Science and Policy at the Evangelical Environmental Network. Jessica received her Ph.D. in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences from the Georgia Institute of Technology and has held research positions at John Hopkins University, University of Michigan, and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.  Along with her husband, Jessica is the co-founder of Grace Capital City Church in Washington, DC.

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