Connections with Mike Thom and Colleen Houde

Glendyne Gerrard: Defend Dignity

17:56 | Mar 18, 2021

Episodes Notes

Defend Dignity exists to end all forms of sexual exploitation in Canada.

Commercial sexual exploitation includes: pornography, strip clubs, escorts, massage parlours and prostitution. All involve the selling of sexual services which undermine the dignity of women, men and children and are detrimental to a healthy society.

Defend Dignity believes:
in the inherent dignity and value of all women, men and children made in the image of God.
prostitution is a form of sexual exploitation, oppression and violence especially against women and children and seriously undermines their dignity and value
prostitution is detrimental to a healthy society

Today on Connections we're joined by Glendyne Gerrard. She is the director of Defend Dignity. She shares a bit about the organization and what they are doing to combat human trafficking.

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