Connections with Mike Thom and Colleen Houde

Love, philanthropy and faith till the end of time Part 1

13:13 | Nov 25, 2020

Episodes Notes

A woman of faith, courage, tenacity and love, Sylvia Anthony firmly believes that the “golden years” are a time to get busy. As the founder and president of Sylvia’s Haven, a shelter for women and children near Boston, she has helped transform over 1,100 lives in the past three decades. Sylvia refers to her organization as her “magnificent obsession.”

Life hasn’t always been easy for Sylvia, but she believes that God not only gives her courage during times of hardship but also keeps her healthy so that she may realize her dream to open up Sylvia’s Haven locations in all 50 states.

Today on Connections, Sylvia will share her personal journey, why she started up Sylvia's Haven and what led her to write her book, Till the end of Time. 

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