Connections with Mike Thom and Colleen Houde

A Little Faith A father’s miracle story of faith, love, and a micro preemie

08:47 | Dec 8, 2020

Episodes Notes

Life had been good to Karen and Bob Krech. They had travelled the world as overseas teachers. They were blessed with a strong marriage, a nice house, great jobs, and a happy, healthy two-year-old son. Was God a part of their lives? Some. But He was about to reenter in a very big way through a very small baby.

Their daughter, Faith was born weighing 450 grams. Four grams less than a pound. A true micro-preemie. She was given no chance to live, but after insisting on intervention, and turning to prayer, miracles began to happen as Karen and Bob's faith, belief, and love of God grew.

Today on Connections, Bob will share about his journey and how this experience helped him grow his faith.

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