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Superhero U Keeping children safe in an emergency

14:06 | Dec 8, 2020

Episodes Notes

Superhero U is a children's read-along book to teach your children how to stay safe in case of an emergency. Basic principles like staying calm, getting to safety, calling for help and taking appropriate action are explored through a fun Superhero University training environment in a comic book-like format. They will be inspired to have confidence while learning essential personal information they need to provide in case of an emergency as they add themselves to the 'Hall of Heroes' after reading the book with you.

All proceeds from the purchase of this book will be donated to the non-profit Cops for Kids, who are members of the Winnipeg Police Service that bike around North America to grant wishes for children in Mnaiotba

Today on Connections Jay-R Toralba shares with us where the inspiration for this book came from and the importance of keeping our children safe in an unsafe situation.

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