Connections with Mike Thom and Colleen Houde

The sparkle of his eye: Finding beauty in the broken

15:53 | Dec 22, 2020

Episodes Notes

In her new book, The Sparkle of His Eye, author Stefani Weatherford shares how she discovered beauty in the broken through her relationship with the Lord. 

Weatherford experienced a difficult divorce that, like any other divorcee has encountered, left her feeling like her world was falling apart.

In The Sparkle of His Eye, Weatherford shares how a relationship with God can help people through challenging times. She also shares how to maintain a positive mindset during those times. Weatherford attributes her happiness to seven key elements that helped her to shine again: strength, provision, acceptance, release, keep, loved, and enough. In her book, she explains each of these elements in depth to help others apply them in their lives.

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