Connections with Mike Thom and Colleen Houde

Sylvia Anthony: A life of pain and abuse leads to safe haven for young women and children

25:11 | Nov 18, 2021

Episodes Notes

Sylvia Anthony endured a difficult childhood that included an abusive father and a disinterested mother. Sylvia married young and remained in an abusive marriage until a divorce that left her alone to support her three children.

Through her ambition and strength of character, Sylvia persevered, building a life for herself and her kids.

After raising her children, Sylvia remarried — still, there was a void. She felt a calling to help young women, and her husband, Rick, encouraged her to follow her heart. Initially designed for homeless pregnant women, her shelter, Sylvia's Haven, opened on January 25, 1987. Since then she has helped over 1000 women and children find refuge and support.

Today on Connections, Sylvia shares her story and why she has no plans to stop doing what she's doing.

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