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Hope and Healing: How a group hug can bring medical healing

14:13 | Sep 7, 2021

Episodes Notes

Approximately, 150 million children in the world have a disability. In many developing countries kids with disabilities are ignored, misunderstood and forgotten – many are hidden away in backrooms out of shame or necessity as parents try to put food on the table for all their kids. Most families living in poverty in Africa can’t afford basic medical care, much less surgery.

Today, Ed Epp, the executive director of Hope and Healing International shares with us the important work the organization does in bringing medical care to children and families in need.

Hope and Healing’s main focus is to share Jesus’ love with children and families too often considered the ‘least of these.’ The Gospels clearly show a Jesus of action who pointed people to His Father in heaven through miracles of healing and hope. 

That’s how Hope and Healing works – pointing people to our Father in heaven through acts of love. 

Just $30 starts a child on their journey to hope and healing. Check out to find out how you can be a part of a group hug that brings hope and healing to a young life.

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