Connections with Mike Thom and Colleen Houde

Mike Janzen: A deeper trust following life-changing injury

21:50 | Aug 24, 2021

Episodes Notes

A few years ago, Mike Janzen was approached by a good friend that asked him if he would be interested in writing some music based on the ancient prayers in the Psalms.

Although the idea interested him, at the time he had a packed schedule and didn't know if he'd have the time to slow down enough to actually write.

Shortly after that discussion, he experienced a life-altering injury that flipped his world upside down and brought his career to an abrupt halt.

Although the road to recovery was a long one, he says it was through that experience that his faith has flourished. 

Today on Connections, Mike talks about his injury and the road to recovery. He also shares the inspiration behind his latest album, The Psalms Project.

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