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Two Idiots 148: Night Owl feat. Brent Manke

The Two Idiots Podcast Two Idiots 148: Night Owl feat. Brent Manke

Dec 8, 2021

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Episodes Notes

This week, avid runner, writer, and poet, Brent Manke joins the show and handles his honourary Idiot role with ease! I'll let you decide if that's a compliment or insult, but either way, Brent joins the show to tell us about his upcoming fundraising event called The Longest Night Run, and how it started in support of a friend battling cancer and has continued as a way for others to band together to battle their own darkness while running a relay around Steinbach on Dec 21st -- the longest night of the year -- all in support of Eden Health. We go on to chat about his writing projects, connecting with nature, mental health, changing perspectives and Paying Attention™, haikus (including haibuns, @runhaiku, and everything in between), favourite poets (hint: it's not Shel Silverstein), podcasts, The Green Book and other books, and so much more! Enjoy!

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*** We're played out this week by Paul Bergman’s track 'I just want to walk in the dark with you'. Check it out! --> ***

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