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Two Idiots 144: Canadians at War feat. Brad St Croix

01:16:48 | Nov 11, 2021

Episodes Notes

What better way to commemorate Remembrance Day than to spend an episode discussing Canadian heroes, Canadian veterans, and the good, the bad, and the ugly of Canadian-focused military history? Joining us this week is historian and creator of 'On This Day in Canadian Military History' (go follow him), Brad St Croix! He spends his time making sure we don't forget the heroic people that fought and died for our country and we have a heartfelt chat about what Remembrance Day means to him, Juno Beach stories (his great uncle landed there on D-Day), little known (but fascinating) Canadian involvement in the Vietnam War, the American Civil War, a deep dive on the Second World War's Battle of Hong Kong, acknowledging Canadian military excellence, a few Canadian military factoids, how our perception as "peace keepers" is a myth, Canada's Caribbean province, embracing nuance, and so much more!

*** We're played out this week by Bo Armstrong’s newest track 'Get It Right'. Check it out! - ***

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