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Two Idiots 141: Man Crush Monday feat. Andrew Penner

02:18:11 | Oct 20, 2021

Episodes Notes

This week, we have aspiring travel filmmaker, outdoorsman, mental health advocate, and generally "average at most things", Andrew Penner on the show! We talk about a lot of important things, like the positive impacts of the outdoors on mental health, connecting with other cultures, solving the toxicity of social media, being married to a doctor during a global pandemic, but basically spend an inordinate amount of time discussing our (mostly male) celebrity crushes. Our conversation meanders its way through travel stories (and Brittany's utter nonchalance in the face of rifle-wielding extortionists), our favourite things about Steinbach, friendly Canadians, ADHD, our own personal mental health battles, our Week 12 CFL picks, and so much more! Enjoy!

Check out @actionabroad on Instagram and Youtube --> Their new video 'Motive 2021' coming soon! 

*** We're played out this week by Jaryn Friesen’s NEW single 'You're Not Supposed To Care Anymore'. Check it out! - ***

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