The Two Idiots Podcast

Two Idiots 140: Laughs and Lava feat. Shawn Schindler

01:26:05 | Oct 13, 2021

Episodes Notes

Shawn Schindler (yes, related to THAT Schindler) hasn't been on the podcast since Episode 5 and his return is everything we could've hoped for. He's still out in the Canary Islands so naturally we touch on the volcanoes next door on La Palma: ash clouds, toxic gases, and other fun stuff like that, before moving on to chat about Viking surnames, indigenous Canary Islanders, island government and the Spanish Monarchy, squatters, things to miss about Canada, Nature is Metal, Would You Rather's (zombie grandmas, persistent snails, lots of spoons, etc), our Week 11 CFL picks, and so much more! This one was so much fun and we hope you enjoy!

*** We're played out this week by Heathen Eve’s 'The Illusionist'. Check it out! - ***

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