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Two Idiots 139: Powering Change feat. Kent Rathwell

01:42:48 | Oct 6, 2021

Episodes Notes

We're joined this week by Canadian entrepreneur and EV pioneer, Kent Rathwell, to talk about the ways he's spent the last 30 years "going at a thousand miles a minute" to try and change the world. We touch on how he helped save the electric car, how he cashed out Tesla stock (early) to build the world's longest Green highway - from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland, founded Sun Country Highway, and then drove that entire highway in a Tesla Roadster in the WINTER, how he built clean and sustainable supply chains in Saskatchewan, dispelling the myth that going green must be expensive (and a bunch of other EV myths), working to find plans that balance economic, social, and environmental benefits, setting the World Record for crossing the country the quickest in an EV with Harvey Soicher (HIS BLOG:, Harvey's crosscountry fundraising drives for Parkinson's research and for Dr. Chris Honey's life-changing surgeries (DONATE HERE:, and so much more!

*** We're played out this week by Young and Haggard’s 'Six Days on the Road'. Check it out! - ***

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