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Two Idiots 137: Election Dissection feat. Craig Baird

01:56:08 | Sep 22, 2021

Episodes Notes

Canada's Federal Election is over and the Idiots are joined by Canadian historian and prolific podcaster, Craig Baird (Canadian History Ehx, From John to Justin, Coast to Coast, Canada's Great War), to discuss it! We chat about whether it was worth the money, possible Electoral Reform, why equal seats in each province doesn't make sense, the most corrupt election in Canadian history (hint: it's not this one), election bomb threats and gunshots, the Democracy Index, how the Canadian Senate works, why Jagmeet Singh will never be Prime Minister, Maxime Bernier and the PPC, Pierre Trudeau, history nuggets, Rapid Fire questions, and more! Enjoy! -- Don't worry, after this we're taking a break from politics for a good long while.

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