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Two Idiots 136: Uphill Battles feat. Trevor Kirczenow

01:16:12 | Sep 16, 2021

Episodes Notes

We’re joined this episode by Trevor Kirczenow (political scientist, musician, activist, and author), Provencher’s Liberal MP Candidate, and we have a great conversation about how he got into politics, dealing with transphobic vandalism, positive doorknocking, defending Trudeau, climate change and farmers, bridging the growing divides in Canadian politics, Ojibwe horses, expanding the chest feeding academic literature, favourite Prime Ministers and other political Rapid Fire questions, and more! We hope you enjoy learning a bit more about one of your candidates! Go vote!

*** We're played out this week by one of Dougald Lamont‘s (yes, you read that right - the Manitoba Liberal Leader lol) tracks 'Don’t Leave The Lights On'  - *** 

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