The Two Idiots Podcast

Two Idiots 128: Fireside Chat feat. Jaryn Friesen

01:37:30 | Jul 28, 2021

Episodes Notes

This week, the Idiots connect with nature and bring musician Jaryn Friesen along for the ride! As we sit around a bonfire, drinking beer, we get to chatting about his new single 'Hard Lovin' Woman', the process of creating it, teaming up with fabulous artists, and what got him started, musical and parenting influences, Happy Gilmore, why Dads musical tastes always seem to be so prominent, his Grey Cup ring, working for the Blue Bombers, the upcoming CFL season, Father-in-law superiority, and plenty more. This episode was a blast to make and we hope you enjoy!

*** We're played out this week by Jaryn's debut single 'Hard Lovin' Woman' - ***

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