The Two Idiots Podcast

Two Idiots 120: Honestly, Now feat. Mira Kolodka

01:44:55 | Jun 2, 2021

Episodes Notes

We start Pride Month off with a bang as we welcome Mira onto the show! Like all of us, she's made up of many things. She's a writer, a musician, a thinker, a student, queer, transgender, 2Spirit, a Winnipegger, and many more wonderful things. We have a great, open discussion about the meanings of 2Spirit, pansexuality, asexuality, her journey of transition, working through misconceptions and nuance, evolving language, the fluidity of life and intersectionality, Reg's crush on Lewis Hamilton, what being queer means to her, the tragic 215, a round of 'Would You Rather', and more! We're grateful Mira was willing to join us (and teach us) and we hope you enjoy!

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